Where & when: Saturday September 10 June – Monday September 12 in Dawlish, Devon
Cost: £540

3 More Days

An advanced intensive for Like a Pro graduates

When my plans changed and I ended up with some extra time in Dawlish, I asked myself what sounded like the most fun, and here’s what arose. And it’s what many folks have been asking for!

You already know this – what you can offer to others depends on your inner resource. So come spend 3 days with us and dive in. This short immersion is primarily a personal journey and because of that, has big effects on your professional development.

3 More Days – is a small community of Like a Pro grads creates an opportunity to dive in, explore, experiment, play and take it deeper.

Specifically, we will:

Dive in to your experience of each quadrant – the emotional vulnerability, skills and clarity, including the option to get down to skin and, if you want, more erotic states.

Find the vulnerability of deep gratitude, of fully Taking and fully Accepting.

Use play, silliness and experiment to explore the shadow elements of each quadrant. Oh, there’s nothing like play to shine the light on it!

Deepen our emotional fluency and support – first by receiving it, then giving it. We’ll get very good at this essential element.

Let each of you practice teaching some. I’ve had many requests for that. Maybe together we’ll think up some new ways to do that. I hope so.

And we’ll personalize the schedule based on the needs of those present. We’ll see what topics arise that we can’t always get to in Like a Pro.

Bring yer hankie.


Who: Like a Pro grads, with permission from the instructor (me).

To register, just email me:  betty@bettymartin.org

When: Saturday-Monday, September 10-11-12, 2016

Where: Dawlish, Devon UK

Cost: £ 540, includes lunches

Lodging: We don’t include lodging, but Kian can help you connect with each other to share spaces, email: kian@seaschoolofembodiment.com