Cuddle Parties

with Katie Sarra & Kian de la Cour

Upcoming dates: Sunday October 31
Times: 16:00-18:30
Location: The Sea Light, Dawlish, Devon
Price: £25 (inc. booking fee).

Greetings and welcome to Devon Cuddle Party!

Cuddle Parties are a safe, gentle way to learn how to interact with each other through touch.

Humans need touch but not everyone has the chance to learn how to touch and be touched with kindness. At Cuddle Party we lead you through simple exercises to practice the skills that allow you to ask for and give platonic touch.


Cuddle Party is for you if…

•  You aren’t always sure when it is or isn’t okay to touch a friend

• You’d like to build your confidence in asking for a hug or touch

• You’d like to set clear boundaries around being touched

• You’d like to build your confidence in touching other people with kindness

• You’d like to meet people and practice platonic touch in a supportive and safe environment


Cuddles are great but we also learn about…

•  Setting and respecting boundaries

• Giving and asking for consent

• Different types of platonic touch

• Asking for and giving hand holding, back rubs, hugs and of course cuddles!

• Being with each other with kindness


What happens at a Cuddle Party?

In the first hour you learn about boundaries, consent, types of touch and relationships

In the second hour you practice your new found skills – asking each other for and giving each other safe, gentle touch.


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Touch has been shown to …

•  Be good for your body, heart and spirit

• Help regulate blood pressure

• Good for your nervous system

• Be helpful to your emotional health

• Build your ability to connect with and trust people

• Strengthen your ability to respect and care for yourself

• Inspire your creativity

• Increase your sense of safety and comfort and belonging


Your Cuddle Party hosts

Katie and Kian are experienced therapists and event hosts who will lead you through the process of learning consensual, gentle, platonic touch.


Frequently asked questions:

What do I wear?

Wear clothes you are comfortable in

Do we take our clothes off?

No, everyone keeps their clothes on the whole time.

Who will be there?

Your hosts Katie and Kian and other people who, like you, are open to learning about gentle, kind touch.

Do I have to cuddle / be cuddled?

No – you only touch or are touched if you want to. You can still learn about consensual touch without touching or being touched.

Can I say “no” to a request to touch

Yes! Everyone has to ask for consent before touching another person. People can only touch / be touched if the other person says YES. If they say NO, no touch happens.

What if I change my mind mid-hug?

Tell the person hugging you and they will stop.

What if I have a question or concern?

Katie and Kian will be available to answer questions and help with any concerns throughout the event.


Places are limited - to help us to plan & to ensure your place

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We look forwarding to seeing you at Cuddle Party!


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