I have learned so much about myself and have continued to have minor revelations now that my senses and energy source have been awakened.  I have learned to listen to my body rather than the 'board of directors'

- Previous participant

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Do you long to experience more joy, sensuality and presence in your life? Would you like to nurture and deepen your connection with your body? Are you facing challenges in your sexual and intimate relationships that you’d like to transform?

Whether you are new to the bodywork scene or a seasoned erotic adventurer, this nourishing retreat has plenty to offer.

Please be aware that registration for this event closes on June 30th.

Expertly led by three of the world’s leading somatic sex educators, Deej Juventin, Uma Furman and Dr Betty Martin, the Growing in Embodiment retreat is dedicated to supporting you to expand your body awareness and liberate your sexual and creative expression.

The retreat is hosted in beautiful learning centre, set amidst landscaped gardens, with an indoor heated pool and within walking distance to the beach. Each day, you will have time to rest, recharge, and dive deeply into the mysterious realms of the body accompanied by a group of fellow somatic explorers.

I don’t think anything else I could have done for a relaxation holiday would have left me feeling so deeply relaxed.
— Previous participant

In the course of the retreat, you will have the opportunity to forge a relationship of deep trust with your body. Through this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of your sexuality, expand your capacity for pleasure and intimacy, and learn how to integrate your own eroticism more fully into your daily life.

Each participant will have the unique opportunity to work with a Certified Sexological Bodyworker in individual sessions. This will allow you to progress at your own speed and create a safe container in which you can explore and heal some of the wounds that prevent you from embracing and embodying your full erotic potential.

Your personalised bodywork sessions will take place in the privacy of your own room. Depending on your specific needs, these sessions could include:

  • hands-on bodywork
  • personal coaching
  • body-awareness exercises and embodied meditations, including erotic meditations
  • learning fresh ways to use breath, movement, touch, vibration and placement of awareness to help you drop down into your body so that you can feel and connect more.

Each day there will also be group sessions in which there will be opportunities to take part in guided exercises, discussions and sharing alongside fellow participants in a relaxing setting. There are group embodiment classes where it may be optional to remove clothing, but removing clothing is never expected. You never have to touch anyone you don't want to, or be naked if you don't want to be. Limited to 18 participants, these sessions will include:


I loved the care and support I received, hugely grateful to all.
— Previous participant
  • embodied skills classes, meditations, walks in nature and orgasmic yoga practice
  • discussions on themes related to sex and embodiment
  • processes to create a connected and embodied community.


Meet the leading-edge somatic sex educator facilitators on this recording of our "Growing Embodiment" webinar (the second of two), where you can also experience some embodiment processes and hear answers to some questions about the retreat:


And below is a recording of the first Joyful Embodiment Webinar from February 15, 2016, with Betty, Katie Sarra of Dawlish, UK, and Curt Mason of Sydney Australia.

Yes, there is irony in using a webinar to talk about embodiment!

Nevertheless, we do explain a few things and take you through a couple of simple activities that give you a place to start. And we have some fun, good conversation and insights. The theme should have been ‘Embodiment is nothin’ but trouble’. We talk about the fact that when waking up and discovering more about yourself, there are uncomfortable moments, sometime challenges, and the kinds of support we need. And the kinds of joy and freedom it brings us.


Price: £1,700.

Registration for this event closes on June 30th.

All prices include accommodation, all classes and one-on-one sessions and a delicious menu packed with superfood ingredients designed for optimum nutrition.

The payment links are beow the registration form.

People coming to these retreats get an enoumous amount out of it and it is natural for there to be hesitation around comittment. To support your process, fees are non-refundable.

Growing in Embodiment embraces diversity in sex, gender, sexuality, age, body type, ethnicity and ability.


In order to apply for a place on this retreat, please complete the application form below (scroll down to reveal more of form).


International / transport

There are direct trains to Teignmouth from London Paddington (3-3.5 hours travel time) as well as from Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. UK train times can be checked and booked here.

If you are travelling from Amsterdam, Ireland, Paris or parts of Spain the closest airport is Exeter.

For most European travellers the closest airport is Bristol. There is a bus to Bristol Parkway station then a 90-120 minute train journey.

Transcontinental participants will probably fly to London in which case London Heathrow is about 30 minutes closer than London Gatwick.


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