The Sea School of Embodiment founded by Katie Sarra and Kian de la Cour certifies and presents the UK & Ireland Certificates in Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education; Wheel of Consent® - Consensual Touch trainings and CPD events for somatic sexology professionals.

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The Sea School of Embodiment hosted the first UK & Ireland Certificate in Sexological Bodywork (CSB) and Certificate in Somatic Sex Education (CSSE) in 2014; the first European workshops with Betty Martin in the Wheel of Consent® the first UK training of Cuddle Party facilitators in 2015; and the world's first comprehensive training in Women's Pelvic Health: Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management (STREAM) taught by Ellen Heed & Kimberly Ann Johnson in 2016, all in Dawlish, Devon. These have attracted participants from across Europe as well as from Africa, the Americas, Australia, Poland and Switzerland.

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I specialise in working with people wanting to overcome trauma responses that inhibit feeling safe enough to relax and trust choices with decisions. I facilitate opening the senses into feeling more to trust your intuition and discover your strengths and inner resources so you can learn how to listen to your inner guides and feel safe and confident with your intimate and life choices. 

I guide you step by step through a process that supports you to be liberated from stress informed projections into relaxed receptivity with what's true for you so you can overcome your fears and raise your confidence into making the changes that you are wanting to make in your life.

“Katie has facilitated my inner person to become my outer person. She has unlocked and liberated my mind and body.”

— J.H Devon

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Would you like to come into your body and experience deep acceptance of your innocent and authentic self?

Would you like more intimacy with yourself and others?

I create a world of safety and connection through touch and open-hearted communication, so that my clients can access open-hearted choice in manifesting their life potential.

“Thank you for such a safe but hugely intimate and beautiful experience. This work has given me a profound sense of healing and liberation”

— J. B., Learning support worker

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The Sea School of Embodiment is a collaboration between Kian de la Cour and Katie Sarra. As well as workshops in creativity and Consensual Life™ trainings in touch, we offer individual and couples embodiment sessions to resource you feeling safe enough to feel more of yourself and to live the life you long for.

We created the Sea School to host and share the teachings, trainings and workshops that have most facilitated our embodiment and creative growth and opened our hearts. These trainings have broadened our horizons, liberated us from old patterns, deepened our integrity, developed our skills and supported our relaxation into our naturalness. Our events are intended to support the expansion of informed dialogue about conscious relating and to support professionals engaged with somatic sex education.


- Kian de la Cour & Katie Sarra