When – Saturday, June 4th, 2016
Where – Synchronicity Studios, 157a Hubert Grove, Clapham, London, SW9
Time – 9.30am-5.30pm
Investment - £120 per pair/£80 per individual
Travel - nearest tube Clapham North, free on-street parking

When women are connected to their sexuality and pleasure, they feel alive, radiant, creative, happy and full. They glow and flow, sharing their love, joy and innate beauty with everyone and everything around them.

This is not something they need a partner for, since this radiant state (what Naomi Wolf calls “the Goddess array” in her fabulous book “Vagina”) can be attained solo and at any life-stage.

But whether they are in a partnership or not, if this potential is not being evoked, it can be a very different story, leading a woman to feel disconnected, sad and out of touch with her zest for life and creativity.

The thing is, that nobody teaches us – men or women – the art and science of female sexual arousal.

Porn typically misrepresents not only the reality of female arousal, but also the appearance of the vulva. Sex ed in schools teaches us the mechanics of reproduction, failing to mention that sex is pleasurable and the delightful role the clitoris, g-spot and anus, amongst other sacred spots, have to play. Parents rarely encouraged us to explore our genitals with a loving innocence and curiosity. Nor does mainstream western culture acknowledge the reverence with which the vagina is regarded in ancient traditions.

yOniversity founder and international sexologist, Laura Doe, has been working with and researching women’s sexuality for over 25 years and is passionate about restoring the huge untapped potential for female sexual pleasure to the world.

She does this with grace, wisdom, humour and intelligence, supported by a vast amount of training and practical experience.

In this one-day workshop, Laura will share her wisdom and know-how in a down-to-earth, safely held learning experience for both women and men, covering:

• Female sexual anatomy
• The role of the clitoris, g-spot, anus, cervix & other arousal structures few of us even know we possess!!
• Female ejaculation
• Getting in the zone and staying there
• Differences in male and female sexual arousal trajectories
• Discovering your unique erotic make-up
• Mood - is it magic or science?

You’ll leave with an embodied understanding of how to be more tuned in, turned on and tapped in to your own or your partner’s essential pleasure pathways, as well as the benefit of this for every area of your life and, indeed, our world!

This will be an experiential workshop for those who desire, so come prepared to be in a space in which there will be a relaxed, yet respectful, attitude towards nudity.

Attendance can be as a pair or individual.

If you attend as a pair, the permutation (same sex/ opposite sex/ partners/ lovers/ friends) is your choice. However, due to time constraints, there will only be the possibility for one of you to be the receiver and one of you the giver in practical exercises.

If you come as an individual female, you will be guided in self-exploration.

If you come as an individual male, you will conduct your practical learning with an anatomically correct vulva cushion.

We will speak to all participants prior to registration to ensure this workshop is suitable for you. There is a potential for singles to pair up with a practice partner for the event if desired.

Who is this for?

- Women who want a better understanding of and connection with their own sexuality and pleasure potential
- Men who would love to know how to enhance their partner’s pleasure
- Couples wanting to deepen intimacy and improve love-making
- Sex therapists & sacred sexual practitioners

What to bring:

- a yoga mat, towel, sarong, blanket & cushion
- notepad & pen
- lunch & water bottle

Registration details:

• To register, please contact: Beverley Drumm by email on: Beverley.drumm@gmail.com or by phone on: 0797 9934070.
• Your place is secured by payment of the workshop fee in advance in full.

Cancellation Terms:

Once you have registered, you may receive a full refund if you cancel attendance up to one month before the workshop (May 4) and a 50% refund if you cancel 2 weeks before the workshop (May 21). After May 21 you will forfeit your right to a refund.


If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact: Beverley Drumm by email on: Beverley.drumm@gmail.com or by phone on: 0797 9934070.

Your Facilitators:

Laura-Doe is a pleasure coach, certified somatic sexologist, comedienne, singer/songwriter and an international educator and sexual health activist.

She is passionate about supporting people to understand and cultivate the potent healing power of our natural capacity for pleasure.

Laura-Doe founded The yOniversity, providing sexual education workshops and sessions, both online and in person, writes and performs a comic cabaret ‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’, creates and distributes the Vulvalicious® Cushions and other educational and simply beautiful vulva art.

She has also recently completed a brilliant, entertaining and informative DVD, The Art & Science of Female Arousal, essential education for all women and those who love them.

Laura-Doe will be supported by Beverley Drumm (Beverliy Lalyta Kaliah Devi), a bodyworker, healer, yogini, tantrika, dancer, writer and Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality, who is passionate about women’s sexual awakening and supporting men and women in reaching their highest sexual, spiritual and relational potential.

N.B. You might also be interested in a workshop Laura-Doe is facilitating the following day - Sunday, June 5th, 2016, on Gentle Genital Trauma Release.