When – Sunday, June 5th, 2016
Where – Synchronicity Studios, 157a Hubert Grove, Clapham, London, SW9
Time – 9am-5pm
Investment - £90 per individual/£150 per pair
Travel - nearest tube Clapham North, free on-street parking

As science helps us understand more about the capacity of the body’s tissues to store memory, the profound release that countless manual therapists have witnessed in their clients become validated.

The delicate tissues of our genitals are particularly innervated and especially sensitive to storing memory, both physical and emotional.

Even if these memories are not at the forefront of our minds, they remain in our bodies, holding the resonance of obvious trauma, such as sexual abuse, circumcision or childbirth, as well as less apparent dissonance, such as genital or sexual shame, or unconscious sexual encounters.

But very few people have the opportunity to receive a sensitive genital massage with no sexual agenda, that focuses exclusively on the experience of the receiver, rather than the giver.

Gentle Genital Trauma Release (GGTR) is a healing modality that sexologist Laura-Doe has developed over the past decade drawing on a range of techniques, including:

• Sexological Bodywork
• Somatic Sexology
• Body Harmony
• Shamanic practices
• Genital reflexology
• Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)
• Mindfulness

It’s benefits include:

• Increased genital sensation
• Release of held tension
• Letting go of old body memory
• Release of stored emotion
• More sexual pleasure
• Deeper connection with our sexual essence

This workshop is designed for therapists, bodyworkers and healers already working with sexuality or couples with prior tantric &/or personal development work, who would like to understand the possibilities of this style of healing.

yOniversity founder and international sexologist, Laura-Doe will introduce you to the philosophy and the science behind the process, the range of techniques used, and guide you through the steps of an initial GGTR session.

You will have the opportunity to practice in pairs or to give yourself a session if this is preferable to you.

Laura-Doe has been working, presenting and researching in the field of sexuality for over 25 years and is passionate about restoring the huge untapped potential for sexual pleasure to the world. She does this with grace, wisdom, humour and intelligence.

This will be a workshop combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, so come prepared to be in a space in which there will be a relaxed, yet respectful, attitude towards nudity.

Couples are welcome to practice together. If you chose to practice with another participant you need to be comfortable with genital touch, know how to communicate your needs and boundaries and have prior experience of personal development, therapy and/or sacred sexuality.

We will speak to all participants prior to registration to ensure this workshop is suitable for you.

Who is this for?

- Sex therapists, bodyworkers & sacred sexual practitioners
- Couples wishing to know more about this healing modality

What to bring:

- a yoga mat, towel, sarong, blanket & cushion
- lubricant
- notepad & pen
- lunch & water bottle

Registration details:

• To register, please contact: Beverley Drumm by email on: Beverley.drumm@gmail.com or by phone on: 0797 9934070.
• Your place is secured by payment of the workshop fee in advance in full.
• The fee is £90 for an individual & £150 for two people registering together

Cancellation Terms:

Once you have registered, you may receive a full refund if you cancel attendance up to one month before the workshop (May 4), a 50% refund if you cancel 2 weeks before the workshop (May 21). After May 21 you will forfeit your right to a refund.


If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact: Beverley Drumm by email on: Beverley.drumm@gmail.com or by phone on: 0797 9934070.

Your Facilitators:

Laura-Doe is a pleasure coach, certified somatic sexologist, comedienne, singer/songwriter and an international educator and sexual health activist.

She is passionate about supporting people to understand and cultivate the potent healing power of our natural capacity for pleasure.

Laura-Doe founded The yOniversity, providing sexual education workshops and sessions, both online and in person, writes and performs a comic cabaret ‘Vaudeville of the Vulva’, creates and distributes the Vulvalicious® Cushions and other educational and simply beautiful vulva art.

She has also recently completed a brilliant, entertaining and informative DVD, The Art & Science of Female Arousal, essential education for all women and those who love them.


Laura-Doe will be supported by Beverley Drumm (Beverliy Lalyta Kaliah Devi), a bodyworker, healer, yogini, tantrika, dancer, writer and Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality, who is passionate about supporting men and women in reaching their highest sexual, spiritual and relational potential.


“Laura-Doe is a gorgeous lady who has the natural ability to make anyone feel comfortable in their bodies. She holds space for regenerative, fun and healing work that is mixed with good humour, sharing and accurate sex information.”
Ana Snyman Pleasure Consultant

“Laura-Doe provides insight, education and understanding with humour, empathy and knowledge. She is a brilliant facilitator and educator and it is impossible to leave her space without gaining insight previously not contemplated.”
Mina Hunt

“Laura-Doe is a caring facilitator, and her workshops are sprinkled with humour and love.”
Marie-Elise Allen

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