Men's Taoist Erotic Massage Evening

A monthly Devon evening for men with Kian de la Cour

Times: 19:00-22:00
Price: £35 per evening.

For men who want to:

  • Explore new ways of feeling highly aroused, independent of partner-bonding
  • Learn how to give and receive exquisite and whole body touch
  • Move from genital into full body arousal
“The difference between a hand job and Taoist Erotic Massage is the difference between banging on a piano and playing Mozart”

— Dr Joseph Kramer, The New School of Erotic Touch

Kian warmly welcomes you to the secluded Seaside Temple. In this men-only workshop you will gain empowerment with your performance and pleasure. We will explore honouring the divine masculine and heal the splits in the masculine through giving and receiving Lingam massage. You are welcome to come to one or more than one of the evenings.

The evening will include: 

  • Erotic touch in an open minded, accepting space
  • Breathing for energetic charging and discharging
  • Comparison of Taoist Erotic Massage and Tantric massage
  • A demonstration of Lingam massage showing specific strokes
  • The chance be guided in your own experience of giving and receiving Lingham massage

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This is a practical, safely held workshop for men only, to learn and be guided step by step how to be the master of your lingam and stay in pleasure for longer. 

It is a chance to connect with other men in a profound and healing way, to honour the mysteries of the sacred masculine and to explore new ways of experiencing your personal paths to arousal. 

This tried and tested approach has been drawn from many years of training and experience and liberates you, in your unique and individual way, into being in control and choice with confidence so you are gaining energy rather than losing it in intimacy. 


Active receiving

Receiving is a skill and this is doubly true for Taoist Erotic Massage! Receiving means being open and receptive, so rather than receiving passively, you will be invited to engage with the experience by breathing, stretching, moving, making sounds… All of this will deepen your experience as well as giving your giver feedback as to what you like.


This workshop is for men of all sexual orientations.

Everything in this event is an invitation. You never have to touch or be touched by anyone you don't want to, or be naked if you don't want to be.

There are many workshops for women healing women with yoni massage and intimate touch. This is a rare opportunity for men to do the same. There are many men's groups but most don't get to the cock and heart of the matter!

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Kian de la Cour, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator, has over 20 years of experience educating and guiding people into experiencing deeper connection with their pleasure and their bodies.

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