We are Water.

Being loved for who we are rather than who we or anybody else wants us to be is true liberation. 

If you look at a glass of water with love, its crystaline structure changes. This also applies to our bodies. When we are witnessed with loving eyes our skin blossoms and glows, our energy and vibration increases and we become more beautiful and more potent in the world. Comparison with ideals whether we are applying this to our bodies, our lives or our relationships does the opposite.

Being painted as a gift to yourself as a daily reminder of how you look when you are relaxed in your naturalness. This can also be a gift for your beloved.

Consultation: The beginning of your painting experience.

This is your opportunity to meet with me and have a cup of tea and relax in the space to talk through the process involved.  It is a chance for us to explore what your dreams are about your painting. To talk through feelings you might have about your body and your reasons for entering into this process of being witnessed in paint on canvas. After this, You then are invited to enter into the painting space which is warm with cushions and candles lit with your favorite music playing. I have dressing gowns for you to put on as you relax into the space and here is where you settle and we explore positions and lighting.

How long does it take to be painted?

Paintings to emerge from cup of tea and chat with a blank canvas to completed painting in a three - four hour session.

Can I have the experience without buying the painting?

Yes. Many people wish to keep the experience in their memories and hearts and refer to their celebration of their body online if its not possible to hang your nakedness in your home environment. These are held as part of the intimate oil collections with identity confidential. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of the experience is £600 in Devon and includes consultation and reflection time afterwards.

Oil on canvas paintings range from £600 – £1500 with the price of the experience deducted on purchase.

Where is your studio?

The Sea Studio is in Dawlish in Devon and is wheel chair accessible.


Intimate Oil Collections.

Body of Woman

Receiving new mirrors of your beauty.

Us Two

Couples celebrating your togetherness.

Deep Skin Oils 

Exploring your rites of passage with your tattooed skin.

Women in their Fullness; 

Celebrating your body in pregnancy.

United States of Yoni; 

Honouring our unseen continents.

Les consequence del amour.

Men expressing yourselves in your potency healing shame.

Amazon women;

Women in your power in and out of your bra.


Being painted.
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Once you have booked your "Being Painted" experience, we find a date that works or you can phone me to find a date and then book.