Sexological Bodywork is a unique combination of embodiment and mindfulness that brings you into a greater felt sense of your erotic experiencing. 

Sexological Bodywork makes use of the latest findings in sexology and neuroscience. The heart of the approach is regular practice over time. This means that instead of sessions providing an island of erotic experience removed from your daily life, the intention is to integrate insights into your everyday lived experience. To enable this to take place it is recommended that you attend a series of regular sessions, for example weekly or bi-weekly. I will also give you home practice so that you can continue the learning in your own space. 

I was feeling stuck in patterns of behaviour that had been running for years and that I felt powerless to change. It felt pretty scary to look at who I was sexually but I felt immediately safe in Kian’s grounded presence and his completely non-judgemental attitude put me at ease.

Kian’s intuitive response to my needs and ability to provide clear mirrors in which I can see my behavior more clearly have been instrumental in my continued forward movement. It has been, and continues to be, the greatest investment I have made in myself. I highly recommend him.
— L. J., Psychotherapist

Sexological bodywork can help you with:

  • Issues with orgasm, whether too soon, too late or not at all
  • feeling disconnected from your libido
  • Masturbation coaching
  • Overcoming inhibitions and shame
  • Reawakening sensation before, during or after gender re-assignment
  • Learning about touch and informed consent
  • Learning how to trust your in-tuition and listen to your true yes and no


  • A desire to feel more vibrantly alive and embodied
  • Discovering the maps of your body
  • Intimacy training
  • Communication in intimacy
  • Interest in exploring anal, prostate or G-spot eroticism 
  • Wanting more ejaculatory choice
  • A desire access your creative potential through sexual healing
  • Discover your core erotic themes that are driving you so you have deeper consciousness with what you choose

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Online classes

We have partnered with The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute - the premier resources for Sexological Bodyworkers and their students - to bring you the very best online erotic education and instruction. Online tutorials are offered by some of my favourite teachers including Joseph Kramer, Annie Sprinkle, Chester Mainard, Jaiya and many more. Explore new pleasure possibilities for both solo and partnered erotic practices to educate your hands and heart! Just click on the links above and click on a class to enrol or to get more information. You can watch the class online or download-to-own in Quicktime, Windows Media or Flash. Tuition is $19.95 for each class or $39 for all classes.


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