An introduction to Sexological Bodywork with Kian de la Cour & Katie Sarra, March 4th 7-9pm in Dawlish, Devon - £10.

Sexological Bodyworkers are certified sexologists who work with erotic embodiment (coming out of your head and into your body) and increasing the range and variety of sensations available to you.

Sexological Bodywork has proved a very successful aproach to a variety of sexual concerns, including: a desire for more joy in your life; issues with orgasm (whether too soon, too late or not at all); learning about touch and boundaries; feeling more vibrantly alive and embodied; exploring anal, prostate or G-spot eroticism; having more ejaculatory choice; masturbation coaching; reawakening sensation before, during or after gender re-assignment.

Katie & Kian offer Sexological Bodywork sessions to individuals and couples and sponsor the UK professional training for people who wish to start or expand on working wih sexuality.

We will explore some of the theory and practices of Sexological Bodywork and invite questions about our private practice and the professional training.

This experiential evening will be clothed. All people, of all sexual orientations, gender identities, characteristics, or expressions are very welcome.

To book please contact us