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 'Life is better when you are'

The retreat everyone is talking about,

but Shh... it's a secret!

“Trying to be everything to everybody, except myself, stripped me of my sensuality, of a deeper self-love, and left me feeling bereft. Though I’ve tried numerous therapies and treatments, I found the Shh experience unique and deeply satisfying.  It was an opportunity to focus on myself unashamedly and to discover and re-discover me, while letting go of limiting beliefs and thoughts. Through Shh, I feel I’ve entered a new matrix, and because of this reality and this way of being, I feel renewed and determined to stay afresh. How uplifting for my me — mind, body and spirit!” Steff | Sept 14

Shh... retreats are exclusive and there are only

nine being held this year in the UK.

Most dates are already fully booked!

“I would describe Shh as life changing, and I would say don’t buy the latest designer handbag or shoes which are a short term fix. Invest in yourself, go to Shh and change you life. It doesn’t matter what age you are, change is possible.”
Laura | Nov 14

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Sensual Healing Harmony has devised a programme that will transform your life. If you're feeling stuck in a relationship, lost your mojo, finding it hard being a mother and a career women, feeling held back by negative patterns or suffered emotional trauma or illness, then this retreat is for you. No gimmicks, no floaty skirts, just a safe environment with the best hand picked therapist to help you heal emotional wounds and guide you back to your glow.

6 nights of self discovery and one on one therapy, all set in 5* luxury private estate in a secret location in the UK. The therapist only know you by your first name, all staff are female and we take care of everything.


  • Eight women to ten therapists
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Personalised programme            
  • 24 hour support
  • In house Chef and Nutritionist
  • Aftercare package included
  • Private and discreet
  • Women only
  • Life changing and transformative          

Sign me up, I want my glow back!



 “Shh is a gift to give to yourself and probably the

single best gift as a woman for self

discovery”  Rebecca | May 2014

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