I specialise in sexological bodywork with people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery. Currently the NHS only offers therapy and counselling in preparation and then afterwards the person having gone through massive surgery has to navigate whole new routes to arousal with the possibility of orgasm limited also by the scar tissue, pain and/or numbness from the trauma of the surgery held in the layers of the skin. 

I facilitate body mapping which helps the person in the development of new neural pathways alongside using specialist massage developed by Ellen Heed using organic castor oil to soften and remove the scar tissue. 

Often people who have undergone this surgery are in shockIt's a whole journey of adaption to this huge change that currently in the UK there are only talking therapies when body work to heal this trauma to the body is vital alongside talking therapy. 

One of my clients who has experienced such intense pain in her newly formed clitoris was advised surgery to cut it out as the only NHS option available. Thank fully this tragedy didn't happen after all her pain of surgery to create it! In just 7 sessions with a daily home practice program, this woman is now experiencing her new routes in arousal without pain with her new clitoris which could have forever been denied her.  If I hadn't trained in Sexological bodywork, my client would have been lonely in pain with her new genitals and might have resorted to having it cut out. I dearly wish that others in her position never are alone with this tragic outcome from a lifetime of being in hiding and the huge bravery to come out of hiding and undergo such radical surgery.

I would love this newly available treatment to be available, for transgendered people to know about, here in the UK where we currently have 30+ Sexological Bodyworkers trained to heal Scar tissue and support people creating new neural pathways in their routes to experiencing pleasure with their bodies.