Here you will find trainings, day workshops, evening classes, and structured individual programs to support your expansion into living a consensual life:- the life you want in choice with conscious awareness. We created the Sea School to host and share the teachings, trainings and workshops that have most facilitated our embodiment and creative growth and opened our hearts. These trainings have broadened our horizons, liberated us from old patterns, deepened our integrity, developed our skills and supported our relaxation into our naturalness.

- Kian de la Cour & Katie Sarra


Embodiment Trainings & Workshops

  Photography Katie Sarra.  


Photography Katie Sarra.


The Sea School sponsors and hosts international trainings including Certified Sexological Bodywork with Deej Juventin and Uma Furman; Informed Consent training with Dr. Betty Martin; Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management (STREAM) with Ellen Heed and Kimberly Johnson; and Quodoushka I & II with Rose Fink (Thunder Eagle) and Batty Gold (Thunder Bear).

Our Sea School team also host and facilitate group workshops and evening events for exploring embodiment, consensual life™ training and sex & relationship education.

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Sea School of Creative Expression

"Everything's Fine" by Katie Sarra  

"Everything's Fine" by Katie Sarra


Our creative expression is ultimately what all embodiment trainings are opening us into and there are many routes into us overcoming the blocks that have inhibited us expressing ourselves in the world.

We are all creative in our naturalness and that expression flows naturally from each of us in different ways. You might be dreaming of overcominginhibitions with painting, writing, singing, dancing, peforming, sculpting, knitting, weaving, felting, making things, the fine art of cooking or simply want to feel free.

We have gathered and are gathering the fastest routes that we have experienced in overcoming whats in the way of trusting spontaneity using all the senses. Here are trainings we recommend alongside trainings I have created from my years of experiences teaching embodiment liberation and as an artist and art psychotherapist. These are listed in the different sensory expressive modalities which all liberate us from shame.

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Consensual Life™ Embodiment sessions

"Love" by Katie Sarra

"Love" by Katie Sarra

Liberation into embodied naturalness. The Sea School team offer individual sessions and structured programs for people exploring embodiment and the routes to living a consensual life in choice; liberated from fear with intimacy decisions.

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